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==Current Courses Spring 2019==

:*[[Philosophy of Food]]

==Future Courses==

:*[[Intellectual Freedom]] -- notes for a first year seminar on Intellectual Freedom, Freedom of Conscience, Free Speech (AY 2019-20)

==Past Courses==

:*[[Happiness]] Fall 2017
:*[[Grad Seminar: Philosophical Method, Writing, and Style]] Fall 2017
:*[[Majors' Seminar: Philosophical Method, Writing, and Style]] Fall 2016
:*[[Philosophy Proseminar]] Fall 2015
:*[[Philosophy of Italian Culture]] Spring 2015
:*[[Benin Learning Community 2014]]
:*[[Ethics -- Benin]]
:*[[Philosophy of Culture: Benin]] 2014
:*[[Philosophy of Italian Culture - Florence 2014]]
:*[[Ethics Florence Summer 2014]]
:*[[Ethics Online Summer 2014]]

==Some of my Current Projects==

:*I currently have two main projects:
::*Guest editor for a special edition of the ''Journal of Information Ethics'' on &quot;The Future of Moral Responsibility&quot;
::*Editor, ''Ethical Diets and Animal Ethics'', Springer.

==Other Stuff==

:*[[The Short Short Guide to Wiki Edits]]
:* Americans as outliers, Pew research.  [;utm_campaign=25f849efeb-Newsletter_Mar_12_20153_12_2015&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_term=0_3e953b9b70-25f849efeb-399700433]
:*[[Short Philosophy Video for Discussions]]
:*[[Roll Call Questions | Roll Call Questions]] 
:*[[Selected Short Video]] -- [[Some Really Important Dates]]  -- *[[Getting Started with Wikis]]
:*[[Selected Favorite Links]] -- [[Less Recent Stuff]]

:*[ This semester's song / lyrics research!]

:*[ Diffrazioni Firenze Multimedia Festival at Le Murate]

:*[ Something on Italian hip hop and traditional music]

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