How to choose a burglar alarm for an apartment - honest recommendations!

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A couple of days ago, a relative called, she hadSome villains broke the window, stole some of the valuables, and put the rest and prepared them for further theft. What to do? We decided to install an alarm, called the local security agency, and it began ... They calculated a huge amount, added a bunch of sensors that were unnecessary at the construction stage, and did not even recommend securing the windows. In general, when she called me, the girl was a little disappointed with both the pricing policy and the competence of the security structures. It was this situation that prompted me to write today's article. I will try to explain how to choose the right equipment, what you need to know about burglar alarms and security agencies. Let's consider three popular examples: Signaling to an apartment on the 7th floor, 16 floors in the building; Private two-storey house, next to the house on the site is a bathhouse, which also has something of value. We consider only internal signaling; Alarm system for the apartment on the ground floor with a good, just completed renovation. First, let's talk about what actions need to be taken to properly organize the security alarm project. I will make a small list of tasks to be solved. Understand which sensors need to be installed, and which control panel (the main signaling unit, one might say "the brain of the system") to choose; Decide - wired or wireless alarm; Decide on the response process - connecting to a security panel or an autonomous system. To begin with, let's discuss the recommendations for the list of tasks: Sensors. Windows and doors - magnetic contact sensors for opening SMK or SOMK, as they are called, are used. There are wireless and wired. They consist of two parts in one part a magnet, in the other - a reed switch. When the distance between the parts increases, a triggering occurs and the device transmits an alarm message to the security console, or to the telephone. Motion sensors - they react to movement in the area of ​​the sensor, they can react to pets. Combined sensors - the same as motion sensors, but they can react to the sound of broken glass - the sensors have a built-in microphone. We will not consider the other types of sensors; these are enough for our today's examples. Central - I recommend Lun, Orion and Ajax. Why these brands? The answer is simple - these security devices are serviced by almost all security consoles in Ukraine. Wired alarm or wireless? One can argue for a long time about the strengths and weaknesses of both types of signaling, but I believe that the basic factors of choice are the ability to lay wires (whether it is possible or not) and the desire to self-install and configure (it is easier to install a wireless one). Reacting. For 10 years of my work, not one neighbor or watchman has detained anyone. And not a single owner had time to reach or run to his object in case of an alarm on the phone. My opinion is that we are connected to a security company, everyone should do their own thing. Now let's try to quickly protect the objects described at the beginning of the article. The apartment is on the 7th floor. In this case, it has become fashionable to protect only the entrance zone - that is, an opening sensor (SMK) on the door, a motion sensor near the doors. With this set, windows remain unprotected, but in some cases this protection will be sufficient. In any case, it is better to secure the entrance area than not to set an alarm at all. My recommendation is that we definitely protect the entrance area, but we also think about other rooms. Equipment - Ajax hub kit, Lun 25K kit - if we install a wireless alarm. If the alarm is wired - Lun 25 (we buy sensors), Orion Nova 4 (we buy sensors). Private house. To be honest, in this case I will recommend the wireless system. It is both faster and prettier in design. A few tips for completing - in each room with a window we put a combined sensor and an opening sensor on each opening plane of the window. If there are opening sensors on each window and door, then you can arm the window when you are at home. This feature will protect you while you sleep. In addition, some wireless opening sensors can react to shock, which is also important. My recommendation is either Ajax hub kit with additional opening sensors and combined sensors, or Lun 11 or Orion 16 with a radio module for receiving a signal from Ajax or Crow wireless sensors. All the devices I recommend have apps for smartphone control. On the basis of Lun or Orion, it is possible to organize a wired security system, the equipment for it will cost less, but the cost of the work will be higher, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to do them yourself. In the case of an apartment on the ground floor, we follow all recommendations for a private house. The only thing that can be recommended is to install roller shutters on the windows and put a wireless outdoor motion sensor between the window and the roller shutter - this will significantly complicate penetration into your apartment. The last recommendation that I would like to give is to touch upon the choice of a security agency. Remember, aggressive advertising and a large number of cars on the map does not always mean a quick response and adequate guards. The best option is when the security crew measures the travel time to the facility and the company indicates the response time in the contract. If the company has an insurance service, I also advise you to use it. As for the purchase and installation of equipment, very often both the price and the quality of installation services are better from integrators - companies that sell and install security systems. You can find everything you need in the security systems store.