How to quickly find the lyrics of a song that is playing on Apple Music

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Sometimes it's nice to sing along to your favorite artist, whose song is playing from the speakers of your iPad or headphones connected to the iPhone. Some are not even stopped by a complete ignorance of words, not to mention the language of performance. But, I must admit that not everyone is able to do this, and many still need to have song lyrics in front of their eyes in order to echo the playing track. But since you still won't be able to find the lyrics of all the songs in Apple Music, you will have to turn to third-party tools. We continue our series of publications dedicated to automating daily processes using the "Quick Commands" application. With its help, you will not only save precious time without doing your daily routine in manual mode, but also get a wide range of possibilities, the implementation of which seemed to be possible exclusively on Android, but not on iOS. Where to find the lyrics to the song To find the lyrics of a song and, if necessary, save it, you will need to install the "Quick Commands" application ; Download the "Lyrics" command to your iPhone or iPad; Turn on the song whose words you want to receive (the command works even if you included a purchased track from your personal audio library without having a subscription to Apple Music); Activate the "Lyrics" command and grant it access to the "Notes" application (the text of the song being played will appear in it); Wait a couple of seconds while the search is running, and voila - you have the full text of the desired composition in front of you. From myself, I can say that I checked about a dozen compositions - not even the most trendy ones - and the team was never mistaken. Of course, I admit that she will not be able to find the words of some songs, but I could not be convinced of this in practice. Therefore, I can safely recommend "Lyrics" as the ultimate tool for finding texts.