Practical Implications for from Course Research for moral and political behavior

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Some ways to improve moral / political-moral discussion

1. Modelling exploratory thought is less likely to reinforce "mutual confirmatory" thought and behavior. 2. Since we are sloppy when we know that people won't hold use accountable, make sure you can be held accountable. 3. Try to notice and work against biases, in general, but don't expect to be completely successful. 4. Try to notice "cognitive dissonance" on viewpoint. Try to engage it rather than extinguish it. 5. Try to notice when you are trying to believe something too hard or trying to avoid believing something too hard. (Motivated reasoning, Can/Must) 6. Let the Paradox of Moral Experience temper your convictions. (It's fine to see your moral convictions as deep truths, but don't mistake that for universal truth.) 7. (From Hibbing) Don't expect people with different political orientations 8. Highly partisan brains may require "special handling".