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Features of the Ajax security alarm Wireless signaling is very popular among consumers due to the numerous advantages of the equipment: Wireless connection. When installing a wireless alarm, only the hub (intelligent control panel) is connected to the mains, other elements operate on battery power. Signal transmission range. Despite the fact that the sensor, siren, cameras, and other elements are located from the hub at a distance of up to two kilometers, information from them is transmitted to the control panel instantly and without interruption (after which it is sent to the client's smartphone, as well as to the security console). Ease of adding sensors. Connecting a wireless alarm is simple (you can even do it yourself, without special skills and experience), the devices can be easily connected, both to an already working system, and from scratch. To do this, you need to authorize your smartphone (Ajax Security System program), register the sensors, and place them in the room. Learn more about Ajax StarterKit at Longevity. Availability of several communication channels (wired Internet, wireless Internet and GSM mobile network). Various types of notifications to a smartphone (call, SMS, pop-up push - notification), a signal to the security console. Constant communication between the hub and sensors. Possibilities to connect the system to the security console. Also, one of the advantages of Ajax wireless signaling is that not only equipment, but also applications are modernized on a regular basis.