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This page has the link to Amazon for buying a CPS Pulse clicker [1].

Also, you may find former students willing to sell their clickers from last semester.

Bulletin Board for student-student clicker sales

Please put your contact information below if you want to sell your clicker to another Gonzaga student during the first couple of weeks of school. Be sure to go online at to remove your serial number from your CPS online account.

Lauren Bonck:, cell-253.209.2362. clicker looks brand new but the box is kinda busted..i'll sell it for $20 but i'm also willing to go down on price!

Militza Balcheva E-mail: Cell: 509-723-9192 Either way to contact me is fine. $20 and it's yours. I'm willing to go down on price too. Let me know.

Bryan Newsom Email: Cell: 206 595 7050 Looking to get $20 for it. The clicker looks brand new still.

Michael De Haan Email: Cell: 406-570-7339 My clickers screen is a little scratched but not enough that its an issue but I'll mark it down to $18 because of that.

Matt Nava Email: Cell:503 888 6586 20$ OBO

Elizabeth Cartwright Email Cell : 503-929-1240 $20 seems fair. Call or email if you're interested. Original box included.

Paige Brunett Email Cell :773-981-5177 $20 OBO, good condition, let me know if you're interested

Nick Pangares Email: Cell: 503-820-8344 Looking to get $20 for it. Will go down on price, and accept food, drink, or trinkets as bargaining tools

Jeff Barnhart Email: Cell: 206-755-7578 Still have the yellow text books for Alfino's critical thinking class, will sell both of them for $10. Also have Pajer's text book in perfect condition, only want $30 for it. Feel free to call or Email if you're interested.