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News - Gives me national and local news, as well as great updates on Seattle based sports teams. - I use this site when I want to get a more national perspective on issues. - Where I go to find world and national news. - Mainly read this because my sister is a reporter here. But it also allows me to read interesting business related articles.

Sports - I use this site for everything from golf to basketball. - A blog about Gonzaga basketball. Easily the best way to follow the action of the zags teams. - The best place to read about UW athletics - Interesting stories about the Mariners, Seahawks, Huskies and Sonics (RIP). - Best website for me to follow my favorite golfers.

Entertainment - Like almost every young adult I use this site almost daily. - Best way to kill time but still feel productive with a variety of trivia games.

itunes - Where I store all of my music and search for more. - A great site to learn about new musical artists. - Lets me listen to music I don't have in my itunes library. - Another great time killer, giving me random websites to keep me entertained. - The place I go to watch movies and some of my favorite TV shows. - A good place to read reviews and see ratings for movies.