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Main Course Links


  • We'll use some of these online forms to do course work:

Other Resources

  • Religious freedom case in Switzerland. [3]
  • Louis CK on emotional regulation [4]
  • NYRB article reviewing a range of books in psychology, Tamsin Shaw, "The Psychologists Take Power" [5]
  • NYRB reply to Tamsin Shaw from Jonathan Haidt and Steven Pinker [6]
  • NYRB review of recent work on sociology of technology: [7]
  • Mercier and Sperber article mentioned in Haidt, Chapter 4: [8]
  • First Short Answer Question: JAN282016ShortAnswer1
  • Genetically engineered morality? [[9]]
  • The Trolley Problem. Variations on the Trolley Problem: [[10]]
  • Self-driving cars with Trolley problems: [11]
  • Sparknotes key dates / summaries on Enlightenment. [12]
  • Review of a recent book by biologist David Sloan Wilson on group selection and altruism. [13]
  • False Belief Test: [14]
  • The Cold Logic of Drunk People [15]
  • Visit the site Your Morals. org and take one or two of the surveys. Write a journal entry about it.
  • Prompt for Eco essay, "When the Other Appears on the Scene" -- "The following letter is Eco’s reply to a question the cardinal had asked him: “What is the basis of the certainty and necessity for moral action of those who, in order to establish the absolute nature of an ethic, do not intend to appeal to metaphysical principles or transcendental values, or even to universally valid categorical imperatives?”"
  • New Yorker article on "Biology of Violence," [16] suggesting that criminal subcultures are following "legitimate" evolutionary strategies.
  • The Ethics Movie List
  • Ethics Core Course Proposal -- this is an internal document for certifying the course as a core Ethics course.

Previously posted Course Resources

  • Spring 2016 Research Pages