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===Spring 2021===
===Spring 2021===
:*Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about in "Moral Responsibility and Free Will" class: [:*Wa Supreme Court decision invalidates drug possession law. [https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2021/feb/25/washington-supreme-court-rules-state-drug-possessi/]]
:*A handful of Ethics News!:
:*A handful of Ethics News!:

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Ethics News!

Spring 2021

  • Meanwhile, here's what we're talking about in "Moral Responsibility and Free Will" class: [:*Wa Supreme Court decision invalidates drug possession law. [1]]
  • A handful of Ethics News!:
  • Washington may ban "open carry" at protests. [2]
  • Nxivm cult doctor defends "branding" women in the cult. [3]
  • Some states are connecting marijuana legalization to social justice issues. [4]
  • Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, faces 2nd sexual harassment charge [5]
  • Anti-Asian assaults spike in US. [6]
  • More vaccine corruption stories: Rich and powerful in South America this time.[7]
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene and workplace free speech. [8]
  • Meet a holy person in the class: Mother Meera [9]
  • Virginia becomes the first Southern state to eliminate the death penalty. Interesting reporting on crime victims responses. A proxy for retribution in some cases.
  • Something for our upcoming work on fair contracts. [10]
  • Interesting value at stake in Cruz scandal. Why do we want politicians to stick around? How is trust related to this value?
  • Lots of questions about responsibility for Texas power outage.
  • Gonzaga's current diversity training for Faculty and Staff tracks similar research as we have discussed: implicit bias, automatic inferences, but also current information about addressing people's identity and discrimination.
  • Not just Olympic officials make moral mistakes. [11]
  • Olympics official makes sexist comment, not immediately consequential.[12]
  • More vaccine ethics cases. [13].
  • Spokane Temple Beth Shalom vandalized.
  • Defamation lawsuit against Fox prompts programming changes. [14]. Additional article [15].
  • Zoom deplatforms controversial Palestinian intellectual, cancelling a University of SF campus event. [16] (student submitted)
  • Biden admin's ethics rules.[17] (student submitted)
  • FBI agents die in line of duty.
  • Captain Tom passes away.[18]
  • Equity issues in vaccine distribution. [19]
  • Meet a holy person in the class: Nagasena. 1 of 18 Arhats in Mahayana Buddhism, Nagasena is also famous for having a philosophical discourse with a Greek, Menander ("Milinda" in India). All around 150b.c.
  • Policing and people in crisis. [20]
  • An Illinois woman, Sue Gandhi, is in the news for operating her own food bank from her garage.
  • Discussions in the news suggest there is some pressure to hold members of Congress accountable for sympathy to white supremacy or insurrection. Some argue that sympathy for insurrection or the assassination of one’s colleagues is incompatible with the oaths of office and should have consequences, at least within their party or by Congresses’ ethics committee. The case of Margorie Taylor Greene is in the news in this connection, but also with its own fact pattern.
  • Wahington state is considering banning guns at protests and at the state Capital. This nyt article discusses the issue.
  • Vaccine ethics -- Lots of people are hunting for vaccines ahead of their turn. In the spirit of Ariely, note how confusion about the distribution might affect behavior. A local vaccine story. Any vaccine ethics stories?
  • A social moral value promoted at the Inauguration was "unity". What would it mean for someone to integrate this value along with their more partisan values (left or right)? After all, unity is a different type of value than values that drive our partisan views.
  • Capitol Hill Police officer who led insurrectionists away from Senate is promoted and honored at the Inauguration today.
  • Two examples of values “pivots”: Proud Boys Mock Trump and QAnon recalculated.
  • US accuses China of genocide.

Fall 2020

  • More attention in press to problems of geriatric political leaders.
  • Justified Partiality? [21]
  • First sighting of a "Quetzal" in Final Essay animals! [22]. Welcome quetzl!
  • Values conflicts among Republicans over "parallel universe" strategy.
  • Ethical issues in vaccine distribution.[23]
  • The idea of a pardon.
  • Giving Tuesday!
  • New study on Covid behaviors in US since first wave of pandemic. Partisan split grew since Spring.
  • Political polling. Say vs. Mean [24]
  • Nurse Heroes Foundation [25]
  • Man fights alligator to save puppy. [26]
  • Not in line for an empathy award. [27]
  • New podcast in Spokane seeks to promote civil civic discourse. [28]. Aiming at unity, coming from a progressive group, I think. Cf. Liberty project at national level.
  • FBI releases hate crimes report. [29] google "hate crimes report news" for lots of other reporting.
  • Pfizer vaccine shows great promise!
  • Gonzaga's Black Student Union attacked online.
  • Emily Harrington's climb [30]
  • Some connections between the election and our research.
  • Minority groups and labels. S. Florida latinos, African American men
  • Republican women flipped seats and many more minority candidates. 1st transgender congressperson?
  • Values to watch in electoral politics 2021.
  • The need to listen in a democracy: urban / rural, race triggers (from successes and failures), inequality.
  • New fair contract case.
  • And Vienna.
  • More terrorist street attacks in France.
  • Whistleblower gets $115 million. [31]. Previous record $109 million.
  • Systemic problem of "gaming" public opinion in political ads on some social media, like Facebook. Facebook stops taking new political ads prior to election.
  • Pope Francis makes news in a new documentary, just out in Rome.
  • Ethics of consent in recent "challenge trials". Larger topic of research ethics, human subjects.
  • Marantz, Andrew. "Explicit Content" New Yorker. On Facebook content regulation. Nice case study. See also other journalism on Facebook by Marantz. Update. I missed the mention of his book, which would make a nice book group choice. [32]. Also, the cover story on the Economist this week. This one is hot!
  • Contact tracers are having trouble getting people to cooperate. Virus fatigue and moral effort. China today.
  • Woman who called police on African American birdwatcher sentenced. [33]
  • Report from The WEIRDEST people in the world: Study of Inuit trip's success with superior cooperation "package".
  • Militia group arrested plotting to kidnap Michigan governor. [34]
  • Covid therapy uses fetal tissue technology. [35]
  • Nobel prize news! Crisper, women in science.
  • A federal judge has ordered Twitter to reveal the identity of an anonymous user who allegedly forged an FBI document to spread a conspiracy theory about the killing of DNC staffer Seth Rich in 2016. [36]

Spring 2019

  • More bad parents -- college admissions scandal larger than thought.
  • Dissent between Mueller and Barre on the gravity of M's report.
  • Venezuela uprising
  • Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan objecting to lack of visas for local collaborators.
  • Supreme Court likely to allow citizenship question on census on separation grounds.
  • Supreme Court to decide whether LGBTQ and transgender individuals are included in the Civil Rights Act.
  • First malaria vaccine rolling out.
  • The Mueller Report
  • 25th Anniversay of the Rwandan genocide
  • Arguing over disaster relief aid.
  • Nipsey Hussle story.
  • Smollett charges dropped.
  • Attorney General reports results of Mueller report: exoneration on criminal charges related to collusion with a foreign power. not exonerated on obstruction of justice, but AG judges nothing to prosecute.
  • New Zealand massacre.
  • College admissions bribery scandal
  • North Carolina Voter fraud case. Poignant detail.
  • Point about group responsibility in Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Scandal.
  • New rules on handling sexual assault cases on college campuses provoking controversy.
  • Government shut down as lesson in "background" rules in moral system which distinguish what is legitimately "in play" in a conflictual decision making process.
  • Controversy over high schoolers alleged disrespect of an older native american man.

Fall 2018 Florence

  • Friday court filings related to possible criminal conduct in the Executive branch of government
  • More on yellow vest protests
  • Michigan legislature, known for gerrymandering, loses election and then tries to limit incoming governors’ ability to fix gerrymandered districts.
  • Examples of racism in the Election.
  • "Blexit" -- a campaign to move African American voters away from the Democratic Party. [40] [41]
  • Study on white / non-white's concern about environment and respective perception of concern.
  • Synagogue shooter's views of immigrants.
  • Megan Kelly defends and then apologies for defending “black face” Halloween comments.
  • Khashoggi son forced to shake hands with likely killer of his dad.
  • UN speeches for and against multilateralism and globalism. Later this term, we will read about globalism, which is a system of moral and political views advocating the weakening of national sovreignty in favor of multilateral agreements. It has clear implications for immigration, but also for a host of other issues. Read this article to get some information about where the US, France, and other countries are on this emerging moral perspective.
  • Follow the case of alleged sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh

Past semester's Ethics News!

  • New research on Trump voters motivations [42]
  • Let's try to look out for news stories with ethical dimensions and quickly identify them. You might post a link or just report your item in class.
  • Check out Rev. Carleton Pearson's story in the new movie, Come Sunday
  • Political movement toward Federal decriminalization of marijuana.
  • James Shaw, Jr., Waffle House Hero. [43]
  • New therapies for opiod and heroin use offer the prospective of “vaccines” which block the effects of these highly addictive drugs. Should users be required to take vaccines?
  • Example from FIRE website: [44] of new attitudes toward liberty of thought and conscience.
  • What are the ethical issues behind the raid of the president's private attorney's office?
  • Details from a local radio story on the local congressional rep race: McMorris-Rogers (R) vs. Brown (D). supporters on each side show predicted MFT triggers.
  • More chemical attacks on children, women, and male civilians in Syria.
  • ongoing teacher strike in Oklahoma raises distinct ethical claim. (Not just homo economicus.)
  • This Inlander article raises interesting questions about how values enter into community planning and development. [45]
  • Consider attending an Ethics Bowl team scrimmage this month. More details from Dr. Maria Howard (howardm@gonzaga.edu)
  • Police shootings of unarmed black men. The Sacramento case of Stephon Clark.
  • Hero in French terror attack.
  • "Catch and Kill" journalism in the case of Karen McDougal.
  • Cambridge Analytica news. Consider hypotheticals.
  • "Fairness" in trade. (Will come up in globalization discussions.)
  • More k-12 student walkouts
  • West Virginia teachers' strike offers example of inequity aversion, ethics in negotiation.
  • Learning about the views of Jordan Peterson, who claims a right of conscience to not use new gender pronouns. See his wiki page.
  • Quick change in gun control views. Today's student walkouts seem to be making a values statement.
  • The dehumanizing effect of scripted call center interactions.
  • Weinstein Lawsuit holds up sale of troubled company - group resp
  • The idea of Baby bounds: giving all youths money to start out with as young adults.
  • [46]