Florence Summer 2014 Ethics Basic Course Information

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Goals of the Course

  1. Understand, integrate, and critically assess theories from a wide range of disciplines on the nature of ethics (e.g. philosophy, moral psychology, anthropology, biology).
  2. To use this integrated understanding to gain insights on the nature of racism, international justice, and political and religious difference.
  3. Acquire the analytic and expressive skills central to the philosophical study of ethics.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Alfino, Department of Philosophy
Office Hours: See alfino.org
Office: cell number to be announced.
Email: alfino@gonzaga.edu
Students in my courses should feel free to call cell phone with questions that they cannot settle through email.


  1. You must complete all work in the course to receive a grade.
  2. You must disclose any work that you are turning in for this course that you are submitting or have submitted for other courses.
  3. You must comply with all university policies concerning academic honesty.