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1. Facts that you are surprised by, think important, or are suspicious of.;

2. Questions raised by the movie;

3. Claims or thesis that the movie's documentary evidence seems to support.

Notes for Food, Inc.

  • Agrarian images in supermarkets are ideological. Conceal reality of food production.
  • Concentration of markets in a few large corporations. Control of production for larger market. 70’s top 5 meat packers: 25% 2008: top 4 80%. Not as much diversity as supermarket labels imply.
  • Chicken Industry
  • industrial chicken design: lots of breast meat and quick growth.
  • 10min Vince: "Smells like money to me!" economics of industrial chicken ag. health issues. transparency issues: Tyson refused to allow cameras in.
  • Carole Morison - dissenter - 15:28. Connect selection by price to chickens that can’t walk. Loses contract.
  • price of commercial vs. Organic chicken: [1]
  • Corn Story - Pollan
  • industrial foods as rearrangements of corn -- from 20 bushels an acre to 200 (I wonder what yield is for a modern organic corn field?).
  • Jack in the Box Ecoli Story
  • Kevin's Law - 37min industrial meat plants footage.
  • Family segment -
  • Joel Salatin Show -- "honest food" includes externalities. speech on not maximizing growth to preserve food integrity (very interesting topic)
  • Hog Segment 55:44 32,000 / day recruiting from Mexico after dumping cheap corn there.
  • Organic Industry Story
  • Stoneyfield -- hippie origins, now in Walmart
  • Monsanto and Seed Patents
  • seed cleaner
  • Closing political argument "regulatory capture"
  • Food libel Laws
  • Oprah case -
  • -Treatment of chickens is not so cut and dry, very unclear about most practices
  • -Fix it chemically rather than going back to the root
  • -Big Money influences all decisions in the industry
  • -Most amount for cheapest cost
  • -Regulation is subpar
  • -Corn is a huge commodity in the food industry, not just for Human consumption but for livestock as well