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===Between Courses===
===Between Courses===
:*SNAP benefits to increase.  [https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/15/us/politics/biden-food-stamps.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage]
:*Sleep and the industrial diet. [https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/10/well/eat/sleep-foods-diet.html?action=click&module=At%20Home&pgtype=Homepage]
:*Sleep and the industrial diet. [https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/10/well/eat/sleep-foods-diet.html?action=click&module=At%20Home&pgtype=Homepage]

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Between Courses

  • SNAP benefits to increase. [1]
  • Sleep and the industrial diet. [2]
  • Chron's disease and diet. [3]
  • PNAS report on soil erosion [4]
  • New dietary guidelines give alcohol and added sugar a pass. [5]
  • Suffering of Dairy cows in industrial food system. [6]

Fall 2020

  • The new Col. Sanders [7]
  • First sighting of a "Quetzl" in Final Essay animals! [8]. Welcome quetzal!
  • Update on the US food producer and supply chain under stress from the pandemic. [9]
  • Some interesting photography of fast food workers. [10]
  • Chipotle's menu reinforces false ideas about plant protein.
  • The nice folks who manage your meat supply chain. [11]
  • British food tv show with strong following. [12]
  • New restaurant concepts. Digital restaurants. [13]
  • New lockdown for in-person dining in Washington.
  • Guest workers wages. [15]
  • Pigs with freedom. [16]
  • Christmas early! Harold McGee has a new book out. Nose Dive His magisterial On Food and Cooking is still very current in its revised edition.
  • Meat and Dairy subsidies vs. veggies [17]
  • David Kessler, an author in our course, has been chosen as one of the co-chairs of the incoming President's COVID taskforce.
  • Rich Rolls. Not exactly news, but relevant to today's topics and a good example of food social media (A small assignment coming to you soon.)
  • More evidence of weed resistance to GMO BTCorn. [18] This supports Montgomery's and many biologists' assessments.
  • Are there Trump and Biden fridges? [19]
  • Coke cancels 200 drink brands [20]
  • Trader Joe's Fish recall [21]
  • Twinkie from hell. (student contributed) [22]
  • Truffles in the Piemonte [23]
  • Wall street journal article on farm policy [24]
  • Mia Kang, memoir on her experience with eating disorder. [25]
  • Example of agroecology academic activity. [26]

Sabbatical Year 2019-2020

  • [31] Glimpses of the Global Food Industry

Spring 2019

  • Ecoli beef recall
  • Pretty great curry episode on gastropod. Firm in the area of food cultures.
  • Predicted effects of a southern border shutdown on fresh food. Food security / Food sovreignty
  • Italian olive oil crisis
  • Quick growth GMO salmon
  • Green New Deal and food policy. "They want to take away your hamburger."
  • heard on the radio: study showing that handwritten menus make customers think the food is healthier, but only in restaurants marketing healthiness.
  • related story on Roundup cancer lawsuit: [32] [33]

Fall 2018

  • How many Italians get their Olive Oil.
  • Some pictures from Florence/Italian food culture.
  • Tolstoy Farms near Spokane This article connects with Community Supported Agriculture and is relevant to the Slow Food / Slow culture discussion.

Spring 2018

  • NPR: DNA Analysis of Ancient Excrement Reveals the Diets of Centuries Past [34]
  • Silicon Valley Wants to Cash In on Fasting. [35]
  • Washington State Penitentiary prisioners on hunger strike due to extreme low quality of food. [36] and [37]
  • Something about Simon Fairlie, a food ecologist we will read at the end of the month. [38]
  • Watch this short video when you prep the vitamins chapter. [39]
  • 'Fork for guys? [40]
  • Ongoing news over food in trade wars.
  • New organ? "the interstitium" ? In any case, a level of complexity for nutrition already.
  • Video that explains why food in America is so expensive [41]
  • Some new food economy related to restuarants:
  • Some events from Real Food Challenge group on campus:
  • Wednesday April 4thfrom 6:30-8:30 pm in Wolff Auditorium we will be having a screening of a film called Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth (Frauke Sandig and Eric Black, 2011). This documentary film follows the stories of six young native Maya in Guatemala and the Chiapas region in Mexico. Through an examination of their daily and ceremonial life, the film explores the determination and resistance of these communities as they confront the new realities presented by the presence of Monsanto in their native land. The film is approximately 90 minute in length and will be introduced by Dr. Stephanis (Modern Languages), who will provide some of the cultural and historical context. After the film, we will have a short discussion on some of the issues raised in the movie, like GMO’s and sustainability. We would love it if you would encourage your students to attend the film screening, and consider providing credit for the event. Light snacks will be provided, so if nothing else that will hopefully help encourage students to come.
  • Second, between April 3rd and April 5th our club will be putting on a campaign called Vote Real. Vote Real is an initiative that we at Real Food Gonzaga are launching to provide GU students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to move the Real Food Challenge forward in a way that meets their interests and desires. When you Vote Real, you choose between 3 different food products that you would like to see shifted from current conventional standards to a 'real' product (fair, humane, ecologically-sound, and/or local). This voting period we will be voting between Carrots, Romaine, and Onions. The product that receives the most votes will be shifted on Sodexo's purchasing roster as seasonally available…students will help create the change that they wish to see…and we will be that much closer to meeting our Real Food Challenge goal (20% Real by 2020) and creating a fair, healthy, and environmentally-sustainable food system. Students are welcome to start voting on the 3rd at www.tinyurl.com/guvotereal . We would really appreciate it if you would encourage your students to vote!

  • Spring Break
More on inequality in food
  • People are signing petitions to add pet food to the use of food stamps. [42]
  • Chemicals in Mac and cheese. [43]
  • Phthalates are everywhere, and the health risks are worrying. How bad are they really? [44]
  • CDC Factsheet on Phthalates. [45]

Spring 2017

  • Shepard's Grain video: [47]
  • The Farmer's Daughter Food Truck in Spokane: [48]
  • Calories count rules changing. [49] [50]
  • Trump admin changes rules on school lunch nutrition. [51]
  • Economist: Do higher minimum wages make bad restaurants close? [52]
  • Research on artificially sweetened drinks. [53]
  • More on the microbiome: pregnant mice on penicillan and probiotics [54]
  • Why so much Vitamin D? [55]
  • Trends in Italian farming: [56]
  • recent book reference: Ed Yong, I contain multitudes. [57]
  • Two movie recommendations: The Gut [58] and Digital Food [59]
  • The Western Diet in Mexico - [60]
  • One of the products of the Slow Food Movement, started in Italy by a group led by Carlo Petrini. [[63]]
  • Jerome Groopman review of two new books: [64]
  • Human trafficing in the US Food Industry [[66]]
  • Foley research page for Philosophy of Food [68]
  • Civility and Food -- quote from Bybee's "How Civility Works"
  • "Just Eat It" trailer [69]. Also, look into "gleaning" as a social practice. Society of St. Andrews.
  • So, if extrusion damages nutrition, what about pasta? Why doesn't it have a high glycemic index like breakfast cereals?
  • "In pasta products, gluten forms a viscoelastic network that surrounds the starch granules, which restricts swelling and leaching during boiling. Pasta extrusion is known to result in products where the starch is slowly digested and absorbed (59,60). Available data on spaghetti also suggest that this product group is a comparatively rich source of resistant starch (61). The slow-release features of starch in pasta probably relates to the continuous glutenous phase. This not only restricts swelling, but possibly also results in a more gradual release of the starch substrate for enzymatic digestion. Pasta is now generally acknowledged as a low glycemic index food suitable in the diabetic diet. However, it should be noted that canning of pasta importantly increases the enzymic availability of starch, and hence the glycemic response (62).[70]
  • The Impossible (Heme) Burger: [71]
  • Fiber in breakfast cereals [72]
  • Read about "Food extrusion" in wikipedia [73]
  • The Calorie: In addition the Gastropod episode on the The Calorie, which points out reasons to be a bit skeptical about how we use it, there is this article from The Atlantic [74], which explains why the USDA standardized RDAs on a 2,000 calorie diet, even though many Americans require more.
  • The Carl's Jr. Biscuit Controversy deepens. [75], [76] So what is buttermilk anyway? [77], vegetable shortening [78], the Hardee's recipe [79]
  • Coeur Greens. Local entrepreneur using a container approach to farming [80]. The Facebook page is a bit more informative. Related youtube on vertical farming [81]
  • "The Illusion of Taste" -- a Nyer article on industrial food psychology. [82]
  • Roundup cancer lawsuit and regulatory story: [83] [84]
  • Good Food News sites: Science Daily Food Section [85]
  • Eating and Inflammation [86]
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual report on Vegetarian Diets. [87]
  • Interesting page about Grimod. [88]
  • Explore Feminist Food thought. Carol Adams, The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-vegetarian critical theory is considered important in the field. This course bibliography is pretty interesting. [89]
  • decline of nutrition in current vegetables and fruits: [90]
  • recent Microbiome articles: [91], [92], [93]
  • spending on food by country: [94]
  • "New Dietary Guidelines Crack down on Sugar but red meat gets a pass," NPR Jan 7, 2016 [99]
  • George Monboit's review of Simon Fairlie's Meat: A Benign Extravagance [100]
  • recent food justice article: [101]
  • Fave Food blogs: Gastropod
  • Local and Regional Food info:
  • David Kalplan's U of North Texas Philosophy of Food bibliography: [105]
  • Marler Clark -- [106] - the lawyer made famous by the 1990's Jack in the Box scandal makes a career of food liability.
  • Functional Medicine Site: [107]