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General Resources

  • Google Forms:
  • Audio From Class
  • To access audio from class, fill in the weblink following this example: alfino.org/audiofromclass/450SEP10.m4a
  • Fill in the month and date and ".m4a"

Resources for Practicum Exercises

All Posts

  • The Well-being Program and London School of Economics. 5 min video [2]
  • International Happiness Day: [[3]]
  • Psychologist Shawn Achor's TED talk on happy work. [4]
  • Mischel on Colbert [5]
  • Pinsker, Joe. "Why So Many Smart People Aren't Happy," The Atlantic, [6]
  • Cederstrom, Carl, "The Dangers of Happiness" [7]
  • McGinty, Jo Craven, WSJ, August 21, 2015, [On Gauging the Pursuit of Happiness]
  • Slomo [8]
  • The Happy Movie [9]
  • Example of Economist Subscription Pricing from Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational, [10]
  • Oliver Sachs, "The Joy of Old Age" [11]
  • 24 Hours of Happy. [12]. Which reminds me of People in Order [13] but more fun.
  • Here's a collection of TED talks on happiness. Could be an new assignment to sample some and report. [14]


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