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===Happiness and Wisdom News!===
===Happiness and Wisdom News!===
:*Socratic Club Event tonight!
:*Addio ”The Happiest Man on Earth” [https://www.npr.org/2021/10/13/1045547838/self-proclaimed-happiest-man-on-earth-dies-at-101]
:*Addio ”The Happiest Man on Earth” [https://www.npr.org/2021/10/13/1045547838/self-proclaimed-happiest-man-on-earth-dies-at-101]

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Happiness and Wisdom News!

  • Socratic Club Event tonight!
  • Addio ”The Happiest Man on Earth” [1]
  • H&W movie suggestion from figlio mio. [2]
  • How does a whistleblower or hacker determine whether it is wise to do so? Thinking of facebook whistleblower and hack of right wing media records.
  • Algorithms for wisdom? [3]
  • A potential wisdom story about an outhouse.
  • Some research from Ethics class on our bias toward confirmatory thought. Perkins research on IQ and ability to generate “my-side” arguments.
  • Cambridge Handbook on Wisdom.
  • Happiness thought for the day. Do we "perform happiness" in social media?
  • Unhappy, unwise. The Gabby Petito's murder.
  • Eccentric happiness practices - The guy who rides through campus on a bike with a boom box.
  • Happiness impacted by the pandemic. [4]
  • This weekend's 9/11 memorials might be thought of as a kind of cultural wisdom practice which seeks understanding for difficult events.
  • Wisdom 2.0 is a group making a particular kind of wisdom initiative. See the file share directory for an example. [5]
  • Popular short video about some happiness research [6]
  • Child tax credit may cut child poverty in half. [7]
  • Momento Mori from Sister Aletheia (Sister Truth). [8]
  • Pandemic surge in drug overdoses. [9]