How to hack the game League of Legends?

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Many people ask the question: "How to hack League of Legends?". Let's try to understand all the intricacies of this issue. The hacking process itself is rather difficult due to the fact that the developers have implemented an effective anti-cheat system, which is an analogue of FROST. The user needs to make every effort to bypass these security measures, because otherwise, hacking the game will simply be impossible. Learn more about It is possible to hack League of Legends by simply changing its game code. Here you can encounter two problems: lack of knowledge in the field of programming and incorrect work with the file that launches the game. Its name is lol.launcher.exe. It is this file that is responsible for the safety of the game. After launch, it monitors all game files for compliance, and if any of them has been changed, then a new one will be automatically downloaded and replaced. And if the player wants to make his own changes to the file without first disabling the protective module, then the attempts will simply be in vain. You can download a patch that can deactivate anti-cheat protection, and then start fighting for resources. You need to make changes to the main game file League of Legends.exe. In order to hack resources in League of Legends, you need to work on the experience that will be awarded to your hero for killing heroes, minions, monsters and other creatures. If you do this, then you will quickly advance through the levels. You can also make adjustments to the level of damage dealt by enemies on your hero to equate it to a minimum. However, there are times when these hacking methods do not work. Then it remains only to hack the server to work on data synchronization. Usually, the data is reset on the server itself and only after that is sent to the user's computer. If you change some parameters in the game on your computer, then there will be no effect, because the server will simply send its data packet to replace those that it considers inappropriate. You need to work on ensuring that it is not the server that sends you data, but your computer sends it to it, that is, change the principle of operation and make your computer the main one. In order for attempts to hack League of Legends to be successful, you can use certain programs posted on the network. They will achieve the above results. In this case, it is necessary that both the program and the game are running on the computer at the same time. Before you start hacking, you should set up the program, register the server address, connection speed and other characteristics. All this information is necessary in order to install the program to attack the desired server. After that, everything should work and you will get great advantages over other users.