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Local and National News

  • Google News- has the top feeds of international stories
  • Time Magazine- articles about news events from around the world, mostly an american perspective
  • Weather.com- allows me to find out the weather

Educational Resources

  • Wikipedia- information on almost anything imaginable
  • Dictionary.com- to look up words, self explanatory
  • Thesaurus.com- for writing assignments
  • Google Scholar- to look up articles on many different subjects

Social News

  • facebook- cite to keep up with friends and activities that are going on
  • zagmail- information about up coming events


  • itunes- I check on top rated songs and new release
  • youtube- to look up songs and music videos I haven't seen before


  • gozags.com- information on how our sports teams are doing
  • Yahoo sports- info on all different sports around the world
  • Team Desktop- keeps me updated on schedules and events for my own team

Environmental News

  • ENN Daily Newsletter- has the top environmental stories of the day
  • Above the Fold- also has top environmental stories from around the world