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Fall 2013
Fall 2013
*Majors Proseminar
*[[Philosophy Proseminar]]
==Upcoming Courses==
==Upcoming Courses==

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Current Courses

Summer 2nd Session Fall 2013

Upcoming Courses

  • Philosophy of Italian Culture -- New for Spring 2014!

Recent Courses

Summer 2013

Spring 2013

Current Work

  • "One Value of the Scientific Study of Religion," [[1]], and [[2]]. Load the prezi and start the mp3.
  • "Top Ten Happiness Ideas from Fall 2012," [Prezi], and [MP3]. Load the prezi and start the mp3.
  • "Techno-Rationality and the Modern Academy," talk for George Washington University Philosophy Alumni Conference, Washington, D.C., September 28, 2012. [[3]]
  • ["Gaming Wisdom"], April 11, 2012, Nammour Symposium, UCSU, Sacramento, California.

  • [Powerpoint] and [Audio] for "What Can We Learn from Postmodern Theories of Meaning and Truth?," talk, Gonzaga University, March 27, 2012.
  • [Powerpoint] and [Audio] for "Darwin for Everyone!" talk, Spokane Secular Society, February 11, 2012. Runs about 40 minutes.

Spring 2011 Courses

Other Stuff