Media and Body Image in America

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Background Info

  • Looking Good: Male Body Image in Modern America.Full Text Available By: Hofmann, Mary. School Library Journal, Nov2005, Vol. 51 Issue 11, p60-60, 1/9p; (AN 18797458)

This article examines the studies of women being projected to images of thin and more weighted women, showing that positive results frequented more often when comparable.


Shows info on media and body image//the whole page is on the media (Also has many sources that seem credible! :))


This primary research shows the involvement that cartoons have with children, how male and female children view each other based on these cartoons (media)

This article reviews research pertaining to mass media as a causal risk factor for negative body image and disordered eating in females. The specific purpose is to clarify the impact of mass media by applying seven criteria that extend those of Kraemer et al. (1997) and Stice (2002). Although media effects clearly meet a majority of the criteria, this analysis indicates that, currently, engagement with mass media is probably best considered a variable risk factor that might well be later shown to be a causal risk factor.