Roll Call Questions

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  1. New flavor of jelly bean.
  2. I think it would be cool, but kind of weird if.
  3. If I were a sauce or condiment I'd be __________.
  4. Something you like that most people don't, or something you don't like that most people do.
  5. I'd give ____ years off the end of my life for 1 million dollars.
  6. I'm afraid of ____.
  7. I'd give a month of my life to spend a day with __________.
  8. I'd like to have a snack with _____.
  9. Estimate the percentage of people that you could have a successful long term intimate relationship with. Start by thinking about the group of people that you are sexually attracted to and assume that both you and the other person would put equal effort into making the relationship successful.
  10. It gets me fired up when_______.
  11. If you were to get a tatoo, what would you get?
  12. Imagine that you have an important job and a family. You wake one morning to news reports of absolutely incontrovertible evidence that every moment of the universe is determined from the prior moment. What to you do after breakfast?
  13. Good childhood memory in a phrase or sentence.
  14. Perfect stranger sits down next to you at a bar bench and says he'll give you one thousand dollars to drink a bottle of Evian which he hands you, unsealed.
  15. Just because I'm ____ doesn't mean I'm _______.
  16. Would you take 24 hours of torture for 10,000 dollars if you wouldn't remember anything?
  17. Would you cause severe pain in someone you love for money? (type of pain, how much).
  18. The pleasure of ____ or the pain of _______________(be specific)
  19. You won't believe this but __________
  20. I always lie about
  21. Somewhere over the rainbow is my
  22. You'll never believe this but
  23. I felt really stupid the time I
  24. I bet no one here has ever ______.
  25. There's a _____ in me trying to get out.
  26. What I want to know is.
  27. Least someone would have to do to convince you they were magic.
  28. Would you mow your teachers lawn to improve your grade from a D to an A.
  29. Right now I could use a spoonful of ____
  30. __ is a great way to get your butt kicked
  31. I like to snuggle with _____.
  32. I haven't had a good _____ in a while.
  33. Believe a beautiful lie or know the terrible truth.
  34. The meanest thing you ever did, or was done to you as a kid.
  35. Do we need to respect the wishes of the dead?
  36. Say your name with one extra syllable in the middle.
  37. What are you more sure of:?
  38. Last time you messed things up.
  39. Why you deserve food.
  40. Brings a tear to my eye when.
  41. Good childhood experience in a sentence.
  42. There's nothing like a good ____.
  43. You just don't ______.
  44. I'm not a ____.
  45. Nickname of self or others.
  46. Would you be willing to spit on a perfect stranger for 500 dollars?
  47. Something you like that other people don't.
  48. Bad dream in one sentence.
  49. Would the world be better with all men or all women?
  50. Professor's bad habits.
  51. I hate it when____
  52. I'd rather not have to choose betwen ____ and _____.
  53. It's bad manners to ______.
  54. Your favorite/least favorite body part.
  55. Least favorite elementary school teacher.
  56. I was never so mad as when___________.
  57. There ought to be a law against ________.
  58. It's really awkward when ___________.
  59. If I could be invisible for a day, I would _______.
  60. What's worse, to make an illegal copy of a piece of software, or to steal it or any other 100 dollar item from the store?
  61. You've invented and hold the patent on a cure for cancer, but you don't want to market it. Should the government be allowed to terminate your patent and produce the cure without your permission?
  62. Is it wrong to blackmail someone with the truth?
  63. Is it wrong to take something of of a person's shopping cart?
  64. Do we have to keep promises we make to dead people?
  65. Worst Job.
  66. Article of clothing you won't wear.
  67. What name would you have if you were born the opposite sex.
  68. I wish I didn't care so much about ___.
  69. Would you rather be rich and unloved or poor and loved.
  70. Would you rather have have a spouse who is warm, faithful, loving, and butt ugly, or beautiful, cold, indifferent (though still faithful.)
  71. Suppose there were a pill that you could take by age 30 that would give you the physique, stamina, and looks of a 30 year old. If you take the pill, though, you will always have the mindset of a 30 year old and you will appear to others, mentally and physically, as a 30 year old. You will live as long either way. Do you take the pill?
  72. Someone hands you a kitten that hasn't got a name yet. What do you name it? [Student hands "cat" to neighbor.]
  73. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
  74. If you had to develop a pretty distinctive quirk or idiosyncrasy, but got to choose it, what would it be.