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Alain de Botton on Success (TED)  [http://www.ted.com/talks/alain_de_botton_a_kinder_gentler_philosophy_of_success.html]
Alain de Botton on Success (TED)  [http://www.ted.com/talks/alain_de_botton_a_kinder_gentler_philosophy_of_success.html]
Randy Mayes' Philosophy Course with linked video [http://sites.google.com/site/grandolphmayes/schedule-philosophy-006]
Philosophy Bites [http://www.philosophybites.libsyn.com/]
Philosophy Bites [http://www.philosophybites.libsyn.com/]
:*David Papineau on Scientific Realism [http://www.philosophybites.com/2009/01/david-papineau-on-scientific-realism.html]\
:*Kate Soper on Alternative Hedonism  [http://philosophybites.com/2009/01/kate-soper-on-alternative-hedonism.html]
:*Julian Savulescu on the 'Yuk' Factor [http://nigelwarburton.typepad.com/philosophy_bites/2009/03/julian-savulescu-on-the-yuk-factor.html]
TED Talks [http://ted.org]
TED Talks [http://ted.org]

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Short Philosophy Video for Discussions

Episteme Links Main AV search page: [1]

Alain de Botton on Success (TED) [2]

Philosophy Bites [3]

  • David Papineau on Scientific Realism [4]\
  • Kate Soper on Alternative Hedonism [5]
  • Julian Savulescu on the 'Yuk' Factor [6]

TED Talks [7]

  • Daniel Gilbert
  • Dan Ariely
  • Garret Lisi

Free Video Lectures / Philosophy [8]

Closer to Truth

Evolutionary Christianity [9]

Somebody's idea of good philosophy video online [10].

5 TTBOOK episodes on science. This one on the future of the "soul" [11]

The Case Against Health [12]

Some Philosophy Video/Audio/Text:

  • Simon Blackburn on Plato's Cave [13]
  • A. C. Grayling on Descartes [14]
  • Barry Stroud on Scepticism [15]
  • Philosophy Talk on dualism [16]
  • David Chalmers on the mystery of consciousness [17]
  • Daniel Dennett on the Mind/Body problem [18]
  • David Papineau on Physicalism [19]
  • Paul Bloom on Dualism [20]
  • Paul Bloom "First Person Plural" [21]
  • Rebecca Saxe on Theory of Mind [22]
  • VS Ramachandran on Mind [23]
  • Marvin Minsky on Consciousness [24]
  • Philosophy Talk: Can Science Explain Consciousness [25]
  • William Lane Craig: Dealing with Doubt [26]

[More of these at Randy Mayes course site: http://sites.google.com/site/grandolphmayes/schedule-philosophy-006]