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1-27 Human Nature101 Fall 2009 Torture Memos Recon2008 Fall Critical Thinking Research Topic: Affirmative Action
2008 Fall Critical Thinking Research Topic: Child Soldiers2008 Fall Critical Thinking Research Topic: Drinking Age2009 Fall Proseminar Class Notes
2009 Fall Proseminar Collaborative Research Exercise2009 Fall Proseminar Collaborative Write2009 Fall Proseminar Notes on Defintion
2009 Fall Proseminar Philosophy as Creative F/NF Discussion Page2009 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog2009 Fall Proseminar Student Interests
2009 Fall Proseminar Student Statements2009 Fall Proseminar Student Work2009 Fall Proseminar Wiki Root Page
2009 Fall Proseminar Writing Experiments2009 Philosophy Proseminar Instructional Notes of Method2009 Philosophy Proseminar Instructional Notes on Developing your Philosopohical Voice
2009 Philosophy Proseminar Instructional Notes on Research Skills2009 Philosophy Proseminar excerpt2009 Proseminar Thompson notes
2010 Fall Philosophy Proseminar2010 Fall Philosophy Proseminar Dates2010 Fall Proseminar Class Notes
2010 Fall Proseminar Class Notes22010 Fall Proseminar Class Notesb2010 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog
2010 Fall Proseminar Student Interests2010 Fall Proseminar Student Research2010 Fall Proseminar Student Work
2010 Fall Proseminar Study Guide for Philosophical Method Test2010 Wisdom Course2011 Fall Proseminar Class Notes A
2011 Fall Proseminar Class Notes B2011 Fall Proseminar End of Semester Statements2011 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog
2011 Fall Proseminar Student Research2011 Fall Proseminar Student Work2011 Fall Proseminar Study Guide for Philosophical Methods Test
2012 Fall Proseminar Class Notes A2012 Fall Proseminar Course Readings2012 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog
2012 Fall Proseminar Student Practice Page2012 Fall Proseminar Student Research2013 Fall Proseminar Class Notes A
2013 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog2013 Fall Proseminar Student Practice Page2013 Fall Proseminar Student Research
2014 Fall Proseminar Class Notes A2014 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog2014 Fall Proseminar Student Practice Page
2014 Fall Proseminar Student Research2015 Fall Proseminar Professor Blog2015 Fall Proseminar Student Introductions
2015 Outlines, Impressions, and Arguments from Students ahead of class2017Philosophy of Food Reading Schedule2017 Philosophy of Food Final Essay Assignment
2018 Ethics Reading Schedule201 SQs only Spring 200941901 Group Discussion
41902 Group Discussion SEP3ACSM Personal Trainer CertificationAFHVS-ASFS Conference proposal 2017
APR2AR ProjectsAY 09-10 Articles for Reconstruction
A Good DeathA machine translation here.Aaron Brown
Acid Reflux in BabiesAdvice on ReadingAffirmative Action
Affirmative Action in College Admissions - ResourcesAid to the Absolutely PoorAlfino
Alfino's AngelsAlfino's ChildrenAlfino's Information Diet
Alfino - Fall 2016 - Work on Philosophy of FoodAlfino - Fall 2016 - Work on Self and IFAlfino Projects
Alfino recon of LukasAlicia Bies' Information DietAnimal Captivity by: Mary, Maryssa,and Molly
Animal ExperimentationAnna Brajcich's Information DietAnna Ursino
Anthony GeorgeApplied Ethical Analysis Work -- Spring 2018Arguments for Reconstruction
ArgyleAssessing RationalesAssessing the School Shooting Movement
Assignment: Reflective Persona PaperAssignment RubricAthletic Trainer Salary
Authoritativeness GameBasic Course InformationBasic Course Information for Happiness
Basic Course Information for Philosophy of FoodBasic Course Information for Philosophy of Italian CultureBasic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.) / Living Wage
Becoming A ParalegalBenin 2014 Ethics Course Reading ScheduleBenin 2014 Philosophy of Culture
Benin 2014 Philosophy of Culture Discussion NotesBenin 2014 Philosophy of Culture Reading ScheduleBenin Learning Community 2014
Best Ab Workouts for WomenBest Espresso MakerBest Kitchen Knives
Black Dating SiteBloom, Is God an Accident?Bong Hits for Jesus
Breanne FlynnBrendan Connolly's Information DietBrenna Greene
Bryan NewsomBurden of ProofBurlusconi Research
Business Analyst SalaryBusiness Intelligence AnalystBuy Electronic Cigarette
Buy Electronic Cigarettes OnlineCEO PayCTScratchpad
Cable CrossoversCaitlin PallaiCaleb Erb
Call for papersCampus Housing Selection PolicyCan Colleges become more efficient?
Can Morale Disputes Be Resolved? The Stone Article (Poster: Austin)CarbohydratesCase Study of a Reconstruction
Casey Birdsell's Information DietCatch and Kill JournalismCategorical Logic
Certified Medical Assistant SalaryChat and Discussion Board InstructionsChild Labor/Trafficking
Childhood obesityChris Atkinson's Information DietChris Hirning
Civil RightsCivil Wars in AfricaClaire Kornegay
Clark Hoyt, "Keeping Their Opinions to Themselves"Class NotesClick here
Clicker purchase and bulletin boardClimate ChangeCoached Discussion
Cody AllenCole KellyCollaborative Research Topic
Collaborative research pageCollborative Research PageCollborative research page
Colleen Meyers' Information DietComment Key for 1st graded reconstructionComputer Forensics Certificate
Concept of ValidityConner RyanCougar Dating
Course InformationCowspiracyCrane Operator Jobs
Crane Operator TrainingCreate Your Own TattooCritical Thinking
Critical Thinking Articles for ReconstructionCritical Thinking Basic Course InformationCritical Thinking Practice Page
Critical Thinking ReferenceCritical Thinking Study GuideCritical Thinking Study Guide official version
Critical Thinking Study Question Collaboration PageCurrent Endnote Records on BeninDahlia Lithwick, "Forgive Not"
DarfurDatesDating Sites
Dating Websites For TeenagersDeath and Happiness ClassDeductive Argument Forms
Definition of Jesuit Education FindingsDeforestationDental Assistant Salary
DeterminismDigital Keyboard ReviewsDigital Volcano Vaporizer
DiscussionDiscussion PageDistinguishing Argument and Explanation in a Reflective Context
Distinguishing explanation from argumentDocuments from 1st Group Exercise -- Ethics Spring 2015Drinking Age
Duties to PrisonersEating DisordersEd Fred
ElizabethElizabeth Breen's Information DietElizabeth Cartwright
Emily PiskulickEpicurus on Pleasure and the Complete LifeErasmus
Erik JarveyEthical Treatment of AnimalsEthics
Ethics -- BeninEthics -- Florence Summer 2014Ethics - Student Practice Page for Wiki
Ethics Assignment ListEthics Basic Course InformationEthics Core Course Proposal
Ethics Course BibliographyEthics Final Study GuideEthics Florence Summer 2014
Ethics News!Ethics Online - Summer 1 2013Ethics Online Summer 2014
Ethics Suggested Projects and TopicsEthics of ProtestEuthanasia
Euthyphro PapersExcerpt from Critical Thinking text on basic termsExcerpts from 2019 Food Biographies
Extreme Q Vaporizer ReviewFAQs for Philosophy 201Fall 2007 Research Group Pages
Fall 2007 Sample ReconstructionsFall 2008 Critical Thinking Research GroupsFall 2008 Critical Thinking Research Topics
Fall 2008 Philosophy 201 Paper TopicsFall 2008 Philosophy 201 Sample Student WorkFall 2008 Philosophy 201 Study Question Collaboration
Fall 2008 Philosophy of Human Nature Supplemental Lecture NotesFall 2008 Sample Student Work - Critical ThinkingFall 2008 Student Work for "Noticing Reflective Personae"
Fall 2009 101 Research PagesFall 2009 101 Topic SelectionFall 2009 Creationism vs. Evolution: An education battle
Fall 2009 Critical Thinking Student Sample WorkFall 2009 Do CEOs Deserve Their Pay?Fall 2009 Government Surveillance of Citizens Point of View Assignment
Fall 2009 Human Cloning Point of View AssignmentFall 2009 Illegal Immigration Point of View AssignmentFall 2009 Philosophy Proseminar Faith & Reason Seminar
Fall 2009 Philosophy of Human NatureFall 2009 Philosophy of Human Nature 1st Paper topicsFall 2009 Philosophy of Human Nature Lecture Notes
Fall 2009 Philosophy of Human Nature Student wiki postsFall 2009 Philosophy of Human Nature Study QuestionsFall 2009 Point of View Research Groups
Fall 2009 Sample Student Wiki JournalFall 2009 Should media violence be banned?Fall 2010 Articles for Reconstruction
Fall 2010 Critical Thinking Authoritativeness GameFall 2010 Critical Thinking Authoritiativeness GameFall 2010 Critical Thinking Class notes
Fall 2010 Critical Thinking First Field NotesFall 2010 Critical Thinking Research GroupsFall 2010 Critical Thinking Research Topics
Fall 2010 Critical Thinking Student Sample WorkFall 2010 Information Diet ExerciseFall 2010 Information Diets
Fall 2010 Proseminar LinksFall 2010 Proseminar Student Practice PageFall 2010 Student Practice Page
Fall 2010 Students With Clickers to SellFall 2010 Wisdom CourseFall 2010 Wisdom Course Class Notes
Fall 2010 Wisdom Course Class Notes2Fall 2010 Wisdom Course Class Notes3Fall 2010 Wisdom Course Links
Fall 2010 Wisdom Course Study QuestionsFall 2010 Wisdom Student Practice PageFall 2011 Critical Thinking Student Sample Work
Fall 2011 Pajer Comp Class Jesuit Education SourcesFall 2011 Philosophy of Human Nature 1st Paper topicsFall 2011 Reconstruction practice
Fall 2011 Student Practice PageFall 2011 Wisdom Course Class Notes AFall 2011 Wisdom Course Class Notes B
Fall 2011 Wisdom Course Class Notes CFall 2011 Wisdom Course Study Question AnswersFall 2011 Wisdom Course Study Questions
Fall 2011 Wisdom Mid-termFall 2011 Wisdom Student Practice PageFall 2012 Happiness Class Professor's Blog
Fall 2012 Happiness Class Study QuestionsFall 2012 Happiness Class Study Questions and AnswersFall 2012 Happiness Reading List
Fall 2012 Wisdom Student Practice PageFall 2013 Happiness Class Class Notes 1Fall 2013 Happiness Class Class Notes 2
Fall 2013 Happiness Class Professor's BlogFall 2013 Happiness Class Study QuestionsFall 2013 Happiness Grade norming exercise
Fall 2013 Happiness Student Practice PageFall 2014 Happiness Class NotesFall 2014 Happiness Class Study Questions
Fall 2015 Happiness Section 1 (1:15) Student IntroductionsFall 2015 Happiness Section 2 (4:05) Student IntroductionsFall 2015 Midterm
Fall 2015 Proseminar Browsing ExerciseFall 2018 Ethics Course Lecture NotesFall 2018 Immigration Research - Italy, Europe, and US -- 1st wave
Fall 2018 Immigration Research - Italy, Europe, and US -- 2nd waveFall 2018 Immigration in Europe and USFall 2OO9 Media and Health
FatsFebreze SquadFed Up!
FeminismField Observation of Reflective Contexts and Thinking in StereoFinance Course Online
Financial Planner SalaryFive Disciplines of Thought WikiFlorence Summer 2014 Ethics Basic Course Information
Florence Summer 2014 Ethics Course AssignmentsFlorence Summer 2014 Ethics Course Lecture Notes AFlorence Summer 2014 Ethics Course Questions
Florence Summer 2014 Ethics Reading ScheduleFlorence Summer 2014 Philosophy of Italian CultureFlorence Summer 2014 Reading Schedule
Florence Summer Ethics Course Study QuestionsFood Inc NotesFood News!
Food SecurityFood moviesFoods That Reduce Belly Fat
Forensic Accountant SalaryForklift Training SchoolForm in Explanation
GIF Fall 2018 Everyday Value Differences in Italian CultureGU ThemeGabriel Sedberry
Gang ActivityGeneral Overview of Critical Thinking ConceptsGeneral Philosophy Paper Rubric
German Shepherd Training TipsGetting Audio Comments on PapersGetting Started with Wikis