Spring 2014 Ethics Topics for required Paper

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Required Papers

You have one required academic paper for this course. There will be two sets of topics for the paper. The first is due at the end of March and second is due toward the end of April. You only have to write one paper, but you may choose your best grade of the two if you write two papers.

First Paper Topic

Choose either the Korsgaard or Singer articles in the de Wall text and present and evaluate their argument in light of de Waal's Appendix material (A and B) and Reply. This is a five page typed double spaced paper. You should spend only half the paper presenting the arguments of the authors and about half presenting your analysis. Focus on arguments and the theses being argued for or defended.

Second Paper Topic

Choose an applied ethics topic, consult with me on the topic scope and focus, and write a five page paper with defending a thesis regarding the topic.