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Instructions for Posting Research

Posting format

  • Follow this pattern to post research results and links to this page:
  • Brief description of resource.
  • Link. "[" url space title "]"
  • Your real name


  • This article corrects some misinformation about immigration to Italy. (Pick some of the important facts/claims out of the article and include in this description to save us time.)

Focused Research Questions

From today's class, we will generate a small number of focused research questions for shared research. Here's a starter list, to modify during discussion:

  • What are the drivers of US immigration?

  • What forecasts do experts make about patterns of global human immigration?

  • Is Frum right about a trend toward economic migration from Central America?

  • Why is there so much suffering and social disorganization in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatamala (the "Northern Triangle")?

  • What do critics and defenders of asylum law say about it?