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Use this page to practice some basic wiki skills: adding and formatting text, inserting a link to a page, inserting a link to a website, adding a heading (e.g. "==(Your Name)=="). Try it! -Alfino

Mark Alfino

Here's some content.

Austen Suhay Gonzaga's Awesome!

Kaitlyn Dowd I'm living in twohy..if you need somewhere with A/C to study come over!!

Kyle Campbell I'm living in C/M and there is definitely no A/C.

Cammy Loback Im living in Welch and the sun comes in my room round 7!

Tricia Bruckbauer Ditto to Austen and Cammy! :]

Ashleigh Thompson

Ryan odegard, living in C/M, its fun

Trevor Herrin, Campion is where its at. Go people living in the CWAD

Sarah Harney, wassup?

Andy Kelly, hey hey

Derek (Drock) Jarvis, chillin in the Red Lion, a/c big room, fun fun fun!

Beazit Redzepi, I live in roncalli

Ayaka Dohi It's so comfortable in Coughlin Hall, I haven't left all day :/