Summer1 2013 Ethics Course Chat and Discussion Groups

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Here are some initial groupings for Chat. Feel free to move add your name to a group or move, but you do need to commit to a group with a compatible schedule. You can rename your group if you'd like. Also, volunteer for CGO within your group. I'm available for coin flips.

You'll notice an A or B after a name. This indicates which general discussion Board they should most often frequent.

Group 1 - T-TH

  • Wark A
  • Beck B
  • Ratigan A
  • McNaugt B
  • Ingram A

Group 2 M-W

  • Kaemmer B
  • Outen A
  • Cruz B
  • Dahl A
  • Turgean B

Group 3 M-Th

  • Mills A
  • Rutherford B
  • Ward A
  • Naseeb B

Group 4 M-W

  • Salazar B
  • Derus A
  • O'loughlin B
  • LaRue A
  • Suda B

Group 5 Sat-Sun

  • Collins A
  • Hunton B
  • Vincent A