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This is my first post!

--Mcharbonneau 06:57, 14 January 2010 (UTC)

This is my post!

--Lchang 12:34, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

ditto ^ !

Reflective Context

first post.!

Reflective Context

This week in particular I have dealt with a lot of relationship drama; not my own but involving some of my closest friends. Coincidentally, both involved relationships that had been relatively long-term and dealing with changes in feelings and realizations that something for one or both of the people involved just was not working. I know both of the female parties definitely did some thinking in “stereo” as they decided both how to address the problems in their relationships and how to cope with the aftermath of their decisions. Over arching themes involved finding the strength to stand up for yourself and speak your mind, as well as being able to love yourself so that others can love you.

At one of the Gonzaga basketball games this week, my friend Joe Decker and I had a discussion about why Gonzaga University is the perfect school for us. It involved discussing the dynamics of the student body, the activities offered, the great academics, and of course, as we were watching the basketball game, just the lively spirit and pride that we take in our school. It was something that he and I both definitely looked for. We have already decided that we are very similar in demeanor, work ethic and intellect, and therefore our appreciation of our school is pretty similar. But maybe the fact that we agree says something for a large portion of Gonzaga students. We may have all came here because we liked similar aspects of the school, and maybe that means that we possess some similar characteristics.

During breakfast at the COG with my friend Laura Pflug, we heard an Eminem song playing in the background. Laura mentioned liking song—“Love the Way You Lie”—and though part of the song I also like, I personally think that Eminem’s lyrics are incredibly violent. Laura made a great point that Eminem has been quoted to say that he uses rapping and his lyrics to take out feelings, /and to keep him from doing the things that he says he would do in his songs. At the same time, I don’t think that people who aren’t having the same issues as him should be listening to those kind of things. It could easily be internalized by listeners and inspire feelings that maybe Eminem didn’t originally anticipate. This makes for an interesting discussion of where artistic expression can help one person heal, but maybe hurt another.

Not great with technology, but I figured it out on my own! =)