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Advantages of 3D modeling over 2D drawings When designing, you can use both 2D and 3D technology. Until recently, the first option was considered the most common. However, 2D modeling has a major drawback: it is difficult to predict how the finished product will look in space. Therefore, now, when, for example, pipe fittings are being developed, drawing can also be made in 3D. 3D technology makes it possible to model a product even before creating a prototype. The main document of the project is a volumetric computer model. This approach has many undeniable advantages: High visualization accuracy. Thanks to this, you can not only view the object from all sides, but also reduce the financial costs of the project. Ease of design and time savings. For example, a 3d ship model can be loaded into the program to quickly get a finished project. This significantly increases the speed of work on creating a real object. On a three-dimensional model, all inconsistencies between individual elements are perfectly visible. It is much easier to correct mistakes made than in the case of a two-dimensional model, when you need to put all the details together and scrupulously look for defects. At the same time, errors are easily detected even at the very beginning of the design, while in 2D modeling this is possible only at later stages. The presence of large databases with ready-made models. You can choose almost any object - building construction, architectural elements, touch panels, Dutch iki 3D , etc. In this case, models can be exchanged with members of the development team online. All this taken together allows us to take design to a new level. 3D visualization helps to accurately plan a future project, eliminate errors at an early stage, save time and optimize costs.