WooCommerce Product Table Review: What It Does

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As you probably gleaned from the introduction and the name of the plugin, WooCommerce Product Table helps you create a table-style, filterable/sortable list of all (or some) of your WooCommerce products. How it goes about creating that list is pretty smart, though. Here are some of the smaller features that give the plugin a good degree of flexibility: Create a table for all products or separate tables for different categories 4 filter widgets to provide a user friendly way for people to filter the table Show an add to cart button, including AJAX add to cart functionality that doesn’t trigger a page reload Display custom fields as columns in your table Display and filter by custom taxonomies Multiple options to handle product variations AJAX search and filter And beyond all those features, it just generally has the benefit that it’s super easy to customize the plugin to do exactly what you want. Learn more about the product table wordpress plugin. That is, pretty much every feature can be turned on or off depending on your specific needs.