2010 Wisdom Course

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I'll put some resources here that I have for different Wisdom Practicum Projects. In many of these traditions prayer practices and meditation practices are integral to the tradition's approach to wisdom. I've isolated "meditation" since it is also practiced apart from religious and philosophical commitments.

Yogic Tradition

More reading from any of these authors might be useful.

  • Barbara Miller
  • Donna Farhi
  • Feuerstein

Also, you could visit an ashram or yoga group as part of your practicum if you wish.


  • Matthieu Ricard, whom we excerpt in class, has a good contemporary voice on Buddhist practice.


  • (Searching)


  • resources on Ignatian Spirituality
  • University Ministry is available to help with this tradition.


  • (Searching)


  • I use a basic page of information and links in 201 for students doing meditation as an experiential exercise. Meditation Exercises