2012 Fall Proseminar Student Research

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Sept 25th research exercise=

Drawing on our knowledge of Hume, try to find the following. Identify yourself with each post.

General articles on a topic in Hume

  • Hume's theorem on Miracles [[1]]
  • Hume's concept of the self [[2]]
  • Hume on Testimony and Epistemology, [[3]]

A Set of articles that focus on a particular issue or problem in a topic in Hume

[[8]] [[9]]

David Owen, Hume Versus Price on Miracles and Prior Probabilities: Testimony and the Bayesian Calculation, [[13]]

Wikipedia, Bayesian Probability, [[14]]

"reliablism" John Greco tries to fix one of Hume's problems [[15]], then Chris Tucker tries to counter John Greco [[16]]

Who's Who

Important Hume scholars, based on searches: Peter Millican, I found 7 articles written by him about Hume. Wikipedia also says he's a leading scholar, and I found a book, An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding, that was edited by Millican. [[17]]

Rachel Cohon [[18]] This page cites the work this woman has written about Hume and morality.

Important Hume critics:

Tony Pitson, George Campbell's Critique of Hume on Testimony, [[19]]