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Points to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

You may have made the decision to hire a personal trainer to feel better, burn fat, feel stronger, lose weight, tone your muscles or improve your silhouette.

Now you have the task of choosing one. Let's review the points to consider before hiring.

You'll need a personal trainer who is certified as such by an institution officially recognized by the industry of fitness and health such as an ACSM Personal Trainer Certification. A personal trainer has to assess your fitness level and design a plan tailored to your personal needs and possibilities for you to stay motivated, always. For these reasons it is necessary to investigate and consult before hiring a personal trainer who also matches with your tastes and possibilities of time and financial means.

It is always better for your personal trainer to have several years of experience and expertise that relates to your goals. If you do not have enough money to fully commit in this case, perhaps someone with little experience can be the one. If you want to improve your handicap in golf, your trainer must have specific knowledge of the sport. On the other hand, if you're recovering from an injury for example, it is necessary that your personal trainer is knowledgeable in rehabilitation and work with the attending physician. Some have expertise in more than one area, so that's why you have to ask first what is/their specialty/specialties.

As mentioned above, a personal trainer is a certified professional from a prestigious and recognized organization such as NASM, ISSA, ACEfitness, ACSM or similar. And if you have tertiary or degree, or a specialization on their profession, the better!


Your coach must be neatly dressed and need to be on time and always be ready to complete the class within the agreed timetable. Tell him to assess your fitness and goals before starting the training plan and track progress. It is imperative that you listen, pay attention to your needs and provide constructive feedback in a good way, when necessary.

Considerations in the costs of a personal trainer

For each session you can usually pay between $ 60 and $ 100 per session or per hour or more, depending on whether your trainer works for a gym or health center or is a private contractor. If you have experienced probably it will cost considerably more ($ 95 AR $ 700 AR per session - $ 40 to $ 200). A class can never take less than 50 minutes. The least desirable is 75 minutes. Ideally it should be 90 minutes and the maximum set is 120 minutes. It is always better that both the client and the provider commit to a certain number of sessions in advance. Agreement of classes or sessions in this way will cause you to commit more of the price that is somewhat lower than if you pay everything in advance.

You can show respect by being on time or a few minutes before each class and turn off your phone, bring water and a small towel and pay close attention to the instructions your trainer gives you. This process and this personal trainer relationship - trainee or student is required to have an enjoyable process and good relationship.

Internationally recognized institutions to obtain certification:

   American Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM certification)
   American Fitness and Aerobics (AFAA certification)
   American Council of Exercise (ACE Fitness-org certification)
   American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM Personal Trainer Certification).