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Information Diet Source List

News and Current Information and Opinion

List your current news and information with a brief description of focus and bias.

National and International

  • BBC - international news, non-US perspectives, us: liberal/socialist, europe:mainstream/centrist
  • New York Times - national and international news, opinion, global: centrist/conservative, us: liberal/left

Local News

News, Analysis, Cultural Features, Magazines, Aggregators

  • Arts and Letters Daily The Chroncicle of Higher Ed's aggregator for culutural news.
  • iGoogle - weather, customized aggregator for article links for news and interests
  • The Economist - international news, non-US perspectives, global: conservative free market, socially liberal
  • The Atlantic - news, features, hard for me to discern bias, but probably US liberal, International moderate.
  • The New Yorker - New York liberal. Very long articles written by very smart people.
  • Salon
  • New York Review of Books - Opinion, Book reviews, notable work across many academic discipines
  • National Review - Conservative U.S. -- smart peeps
  • Heritage Foundation -- Used to be more of a think tank, stays connected with top conservative intellectuals.
  • Human Events -- By it's own claim, "Leading conservative media since 1944."


  • Read More [1]
  • Truth Out - "Our Mission: Truthout works to broaden and diversify the political discussion by introducing independent voices and focusing on under-covered issues and unconventional thinking. Harnessing the expanding power of the Internet, we work to spread reliable information, critical thought and progressive ideas. Our Values: We are devoted to equality, democracy, human rights, accountability and social justice. We believe in the power of free speech, and know that democratic journalism can make the world a better place."

Music and Movies

  • LastFM - collaborative filter, basic information about artists
  • Pitchfork - reviews of independent music
  • Meta-critic - Metacritic compiles reviews from respected critics and publications for movies, DVDs, music, television and games. Our unique Metascores show the critical consensus at a glance by taking a weighted average of critic grades.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Internet Movie Review site
  • IMDB - Internet Movie Database
  • Amazon - collaborative filter site (and online store)

Special Interests

Use this section for topics or interests that you follow aside from general news and cultural information.


  • Chronicle of Higher Ed [2]



  • Philosophy Talk [3]
  • The Edge [4]
  • Closer to Truth [5]

Radio Shows

  • This American Life [6]
  • Radiolab [7]
  • To the Best of Our Knowledge [8]
  • Radio Open Source [9]


  • McSweeney's [10]
  • The Onion
  • The Daily Beast [11]