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Ok, gang. The hard part with this article was how to connect ideas and rationales she has about the wage gap, the luncheon, and big government. Here's my effort.

In "Don't Give Cover to the Women-as-Victim Crowd, Carrie Lukas argues that a Republican Luncheon on the Women and the Wage Gap will lend legitimacy to a mistake view of the wage gap. To establish her conclusion, she needs to show both what the mistaken view of the wage gap is and how the luncheon is more likely to promote a mistaken view. People mistakenly think that the wage gap is the result of discrimination, but more careful research that controls for occupation, experience, and education show that other factors may explain most or all of the gap. Also, women may not negotiate salaries as well as men. The luncheon is likely to promote the mistake view because of the credentials of the individuals invited as authorities on the panel. Lukas also argues that this mistaken view fuels calls for government involvement that is wasteful and unproductive. She cites overspending on "girl-power" programs and underspending on male academic problems. Also, a government program to suggest fair wages to employers is cited as evidence for this additional conclusion.