Alicia Bies' Information Diet

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News and Current Information and Opinion



  • Seattle Times - I started checking Seattle Times online after my dad stopped ordering the paper. This is a great place to get local news but also bigger news stories.
  • Redmond Reporter - I get news from my hometown from the online version of their newspaper, Redmond Reporter.


  • Yahoo! - Yahoo is my home page and it gives me links to many different news stories with know specific concern to a certain location.
  • MSN - If I don't feel like using Yahoo, I will check MSN for any interesting news links/headlines.

Sources I will start to use

  • Woot! - Information and deals on a new material item every day.
  • 60 Minutes - Good information on interesting and varying topics.

Music and Movies

  • Pandora - I listen to a lot of different songs from the mixed play lists that Pandora creates.
  • Facebook - People post songs from youtube that they like which is where I hear about a lot of new and upcoming bands.
  • Netflix - Netflix gives a collaborative filter based off movies that I've previously watched and ratings from viewers and critics.

Balance Perspective

  • BBC - Reading about global news would help balance my perspective because I only read about news from the United States.

Deepen Perspective

  • NPR - This news source would add depth to what I already read about.