Anna Brajcich's Information Diet

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Local and National News Sources

  • Carbon County News I use this to keep updated with local events and sports scores going on in my high school and surrounding areas.
  • TIME This keeps me informed about all the issues that are going on nationally and internationally.
  • Google Reader Here I can read about the latest financial news and it can connect me with


  • Facebook I can go on Facebook to connect with friends and use it to communicate and share important things that are happening.
  • StumbleUpon This is a fun site to visit to learn and read about random things that may or may not interest you.
  • Hulu Hulu has multiple TV shows that anyone can watch.

New Sources to Visit

  • People I love to read the magazines but the website would be fun too.
  • The Onion This would be very entertaining and I love a good laugh.

Balancing Out

  • MSNBC This will have maybe a different opinion about what is happening around the world and the country.

Going Deeper

  • Billings Gazette This has news about Montana and Wyoming where I can go to find more information about what is happening around my hometown rather than just using the Carbon County News.