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Interests related to this course:

 1. Stoic conceptions of free will and determinism.  There seems to be a paradox in that a sage would be determined by "zeus" in a way that an "evil" person would not, but saying that a sage is less free than an evil person seems unsatisfactory.
 2. The relationship between the stoic sense that divination was a science and their conception of textual exegesis.
 3. The daimon.
 4. The concept of "logos" and the potential of tracing that concept's development from Heraclitus, through Plato, the Stoics, and then to the fourth Gospel. 
      4a. Seeing the fourth Gospel as a fulfillment/revolution of preceeding Greek thought, separate from its place as a fulfillment/revolution in Hebraic religion.

Current readings:

  Trying to get a timeline together.
  Waiting for the Long book to get here from amazon.