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Athletic Trainer Salary: Is It Enough?

The athletic training combines the health care field with athletics. Employees in athletic training, athletic trainers called source-treatment of athletes with ailments. The work in the athletic training industry requires a college degree. Once the requirements of education, the labor market looks promising in the future. The athletic training appeals to increase athletic trainer salary and get certified professionals in the health care field that typically specialize in working with athletes, athletic teams or hospitals. Job duties may include programs of injury-prevention develop, leading injury assessments and conditioning programs for coordination with the head coaches and coaches of force.


The code of ethics of the association of the national athletic trainers asked to comply with laws and regulations, performed at a higher level of care and act professionally. If at any time athletic trainer found guilty of violating the code of ethics, litigation or termination of employment may occur.


Athletic training can occur in high schools, universities, professional athletic facilities equipment, health clubs and fitness, the physical therapy clinics, hospitals or clinics in sports medicine. People typically relate to athletic training colleges and high schools, but according to the NATA, the more than 50 percent of athletic training occurs elsewhere. In schools, athletic trainers will be responsible for developing programs for injury prevention, injury assessment and communication leading to the cars and the car of the force on conditioning programs. In hospitals and clinics, athletic training will be used as an extension of the doctor's orders to assist with exercise prescription for rehabilitation.


To work in athletic training, you must have a university degree of bachelor or master-of a university or an accredited university. Nearly 70 percent of athletic trainers have a masters or doctoral degree, according to NATA. Educational classes of the base include, but are not limited to, human anatomy and chemistry, biology, physiology, exercise physiology, physics, pharmacology, managed care, therapeutic modalities and pathology of injuries and illnesses.


NATA reported that the salary average for an employee full-time athletic training in the United States was $ 44,235 before bonuses and benefits. The NATA also reports that wages are expected to continue rising. Salaries typically increase with years of experience and education. For example, the average annual salary for an athletic trainer with a bachelor's degree, masters or doctoral degree were $ 39,096, $ 44,707 and $ 65,333 respectively. In a year of experience, annual athletic trainer salary is about $ 30,000 and typically increases about $ 60,000 after 25 years.