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1. New York Times-National and World News. Better for US

2. Anderson Cooper 360-Liberal news show

3. Al Jazeera-Islamic news network. I like it for world news, particularly involving the Middle East

Social Networking and Personal Interests

4. Cakespy-a Seattle-based food blog (probably my favorite one though I follow many)

5. Facebook- Best social networking tool and easy way to stay informed about people's lives.

6. Vogue- Fashion magazine with some cultural articles

7. The Daily Show- John Stewart's comedic program

8. a great site to find unknown internet resources and sites

9. E! News- Best source for celebrity news, fashion, and pop culture

10. postsecret- A weblog where people send in anonymous postcards with their secrets. Some are very moving

11. PolyVore- an online fashion site where users submit "sets" or "collections" of clothing. Sort of like personal design to create and share


12. iTunes- Apple's music software and great source for newly released and upcoming music

13. Pandora- a music generating site based on music you already like

14. a music site I found via stumbleupon. Has an amazing emerging artist section in particular

15. Urban Outfitters- Also one of my favorite clothing stores, Urban Outfitters has a great music blog and releases free tracks every Monday