Brendan Connolly's Information Diet

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Brendan Connolly's Information Diet

National and International

  • MSNBC This I find to be a great source of World news and keeps me up to date with whats going on with current events, weather, and has lots of interesting information.
  • The Weather Channel Like this website for weather info. on Spokane as well as weather where I might be traveling with the team or for vacation.
  • CNN Like MSNBC this website is a great source for current events, politics, weather, and world news. Go to it a lot.

Local News

  • Denver Post Like to catch up on whats going down in the hometown so the Denver Post is a great source.
  • Spokesman-Review When I'm at school I find this to be a great source of local info. about Spokane.

Special Interests

  • GoZAGS I like to catch up on how the schools athletic teams as well as mine are doing. Read info. on players, look up schedules, etc...
  • GolfStat Keeps me in the loop on college golf scores to see how our competition is doing, how my friends from other school are playing, and where tournaments are.
  • Youtube I like to watch funny videos, how to videos, and watch videos friends have passed on links to.


  • PGA Tour I like to check out stats and look up scores for golf tournaments here. Some cool stories on players fitness routines or practice routines or their daily life sometimes.
  • AJGA American Junior Golf Asssociation was the organization that really got me into college golf and I loved their tournaments. Like to go on here to see how my buddies are doing in tournaments or read cool articles.
  • [1] I like to go on here to see whats going on in the world of sports. Catch up on scores, watch highlights, etc...

Music and Entertainment

  • ThisSongIsSick I like this website because it lets me hear music I wouldn't usually hear or remixes of songs I like and it was started by a guy from Colorado.
  • Camelback Music This website lets you listen to and download songs for free and sometimes there is some really cool stuff you can't find on iTunes.
  • Total Frat Move Whenever I need a good laugh I go to this site because it had lots of posts from frat guys and sorority girls that are downright hilarious. Its kinda like a play on FML.

Social Networking

  • Facebook Facebook allows me to connect with friends, stay in touch on the road, keep up with family, and see funny pictures and posts by friends.