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In Demand Business Professions

Professional Business Analyst

The Business Analyst works as a link between business and IT. If a new computer system should be established, the customer needs to be translated into technical solutions. This requires the Business Analyst broad technical knowledge so the Business Analyst salary is rather high, since he needs to communicate with the customer the new changes in a way that a customer with no technical background can understand. There must also be the IT department to discuss with, so the customer needs to implement in a good way.

The Business Analyst, as an intermediary, is based on many different levels and can work and communicate, and for both IT and business solutions create models to formulate and put forward.

The Business Analyst has a support function, with the important task to set up and to maintain. He shall build an organization chart and how the organization works. How much time the Business Analyst does working on the modelling of automation processes in relation to negotiating and advising clients varies by employer.

On the other hand, in some features of utmost importance to developments in the industry is to monitor and translate them into solutions and improvements in the business. The Business Analyst must be a real centipede and well able to switch between its various activities.

Professional Business Architect

The Business Architect on the other hand designs systems in companies with the aim to keep the company as durable and solid as possible. These systems may include the classification of organization, business or other network that should be redeveloped as information. The idea is to improve the company. The designs of the Business Architect make are his only means to achieve this goal. From the knowledge of businesses that the Business Architect as consultant has, an embedded system and a new direction is pushed. The introduction of changes is done in consultation with the managers and administrators of the system.

Often there are multiple systems that work in a company, and are all separated by the Business Architect to be analyzed and adjusted. The Business Architect therefore often consults with other Business Architects and consultants and ultimately a well functioning system is put down. The Business Architect must work well together with the Business Analyst as well and have good insight into the system. Without broad knowledge and communication skills, the Business Consultant does not work properly and will not earn as much as the Business Analyst salary.