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What A Business Intelligence Analyst Does

A business intelligence analyst is a staff expert in understanding and interpretation of intelligence reports received from field agents. Being able to place exact reports in a broader context, an intelligence agent can help you evaluate the importance of reporting. Intelligence analysts most often work with government agencies, although some positions in the private sector there too.

Becoming a business intelligence analyst is a long process that begins with a relevant degree. The history, international relations, government and politics are all common areas of study for aspiring intelligence workers. Most analyst jobs require at least a bachelor's degree, but many also have master's degrees as well. After graduation, many websites offer listings of jobs available in the community of intelligence. Become an intelligence agent usually requires background checks and interviews before a person can be granted the necessary security clearance to handle intelligence information.

Sitting around interpreting reports all day may sound dull as water, but a business intelligence analyst must be able to use creative thinking to do a good job. Placement of the reports in context and meaning hypothesis requires an ability to integrate logic and events using prior knowledge. In a way, the intelligence agents are the Sherlock Holmes of the intelligence community, looking at all the pieces together in the hope of reaching any conclusions.

Business intelligence analysts in the private sector tend to work with defense contractors or large corporations that use spy or intelligence gathering techniques to predict the behavior of their rivals. Working with defense contractors usually involves some kind of contact with the materials and may require government security clearance from the government.

The salary of a business intelligence analyst will vary depending on the specifics of the work and the employer. Jobs with higher wages may be available for those with special skills such as fluency in certain languages or experience in a related field.