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Caitlin Pallai

My Current Information Diet


1. BBC-World news and a non American perspective

2. Fox News-World and national news, conservative

3. The O'Reilly Factor-World and national news. More moderately conservative and I enjoy O'Reilly's show and how he chooses to address topics.

4. The New York Times-Newspaper on global and national news and I enjoy the arts section, liberal

5. The Weather Channel-For current and future weather conditions here in Spokane and in my home town, Sequim, WA

6. Gonzaga Bulletin-Up to date info on what is happening on campus, etc.


1. Facebook-Social networking, communicating with friends, learning information about causes, likes, etc.

2. Twitter-Activities of friends and pages I follow which include bands, celebrities, causes, museums, etc.

3. Google-Search engine and I'm found of pressing the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button or simply searching for things that a friend may have told me about, etc.

4. Amazon-A place to search for new books, music, etc.

5. DealNews-Site with all the latest deals of the day from music, electronics, clothes, etc.

Music and Movies

1. Pandora-Great for listening to favorite music and finding new bands

2. Netflix-Site for watching instant movies and searching for movies to add to your queue

3. WB Insider Rewards-Program where you can earn points and credits for WB DVD's, downloads, etc., Sweepstakes opportunities, games, exclusive insider info and news about WB.

4. Masterpiece PBS-Info and ability to watch PBS movies and shows, etc.


1. Free Rice-A site where I can learn and test my knowledge about art, chemistry, english, languages, etc. while at the same time helping to donate rice (ever question I get right donates 10 grains) through the World Food Programme

2. Atlas Obscura-"A compendium of this age's wonders, curiosities and esoterica." Basically a fun site where I can randomly search up cool places and learn about them.