Casey Birdsell's Information Diet

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Sources for Everyday News

Local News

Hometown News

  • The Daily News- Newspaper for my hometown and the rest of the county.
  • The Columbian- Newspaper for the neighboring areas, often comments on events in my hometown as well.

National News

  • CNN US Edition-Constantly updated with breaking news and more accurate stories, what I rely on most for US News.
  • US News- Will check occasionally for different perspectives and more information than what I find on CNN.

International News

Sources for Entertainment News

Movies/Music News

  • Fandango- Where I look for reviews on new movies and movies with a common actor/actress.
  • Pandora Radio- Where I look for new music that is similar to what I already enjoy.
  • Entertainment Weekly- What I read when I am interested in the activity of certain people in movies/from music that I enjoy.

Sports News

  • Yahoo Sports- Where I read updates on my favorite teams, including recommendations for my Fantasy team.
  • ESPN- Another source of updates on my favorite teams/athletes.
  • PGA Tour- Where I update myself of the business and happenings of the PGA tour, a major interest to me.

Sources to Deepen my Perspective

  • Fox News US- Said to be the opposite of CNN, may help me see the other side to important issues.
  • Teaching Tolerance- Will help me consider how I do things in order to be a more ethical and considerate person.
  • The Princeton Review- May help me to stay updated on how I want to develop my skills for a career after college.
  • PBS: Public Broadcasting Service- Views are supposed to be neutral, may help me see both sides of an issue.