Childhood obesity

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    this is a good link for basic information about childhood obesity.  It gives really good background information.

this is another good website showing how and why children are becoming fatter. It asks people to look at their diet and their children's diet and make some changes.

This website talks about how changing childhood obesity won't be easy, however, it tells us a few of the reasons behind childhood obesity. It also gives some other websites that can be accessed along the side in which relate to childhood obesity (which is the most useful part)

This website gives tables about childhood obesity. I haven't read through the whole article but I think it gives good information about childhood obesity with facts put in tables to back it up.

I haven't read this website yet, except for the first few sentences but I believe that it has an interesting idea towards the environment behind causing childhood obesity. It may suggest that the buildings and urban atmosphere that we live in is causing this epedemic

Other great resources for dieting info diet info and Top Diet Pills