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News The online version of the Wall Street Journal. Good source of economic and national news, but is very conservatively biased. A UK based international/market news source. Gives a broader picture of international news than the Journal. New York based international financial news.

Music/Movies Great music site that allows you to find music related or similar to an artist or song that you type in. Using a very unique rating system involving the "tomato-meter", this site rates and holds reviews for new and old movies.

Personal Interests A time-consuming addiction which allows me to network with people all over the world. Backcountry skiing site based in my Teton Country stomping grounds. Trip reports and all sorts of cool outdoorsy advice. Another backcountry skiing site, this one from the Pacific Northwest. Same basic info as above, except for the obvious difference in trip reports given the location. Sports site giving information on every piece of sports related info you could possibly need.

Culture/Contemporary Issues/Cool Nerdy Habits A great site that has really interesting and engaging talks from professionals in every field imaginable. The site containing all of Jon Stewart's episodes. Funny and somewhat informative, but it is a challenge to keep all the information in context and remember that they are trying to make people laugh, not necessarily give the fairest interpretation of current events.