Climate Change

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Climate Change

Main Topic Questions

  • What are the ethical challenges of climate change abatement?
  • What principles of justice should govern the sharing of burdens to address climate change?
  • Should we continue to follow the Paris Accords?
  • Does the United States have a moral obligation to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement and, if so, what is the extent to which the U.S. must uphold this agreement?
  • MFT on liberal versus conservative views on Climate Change.
  • Ways to use MFT to encourage conservative support of Climate Change Action.
  • The role capitalism has had in causing climate change; and how different economic systems could be the answer to the problem.
* Ways neoliberalism has caused individuals to focus on market solutions to climate change and why this only perpetuates the issue.

Research Needs

  • Review Singer chapter on climate change.
  • Look into arguments that address how climate change may harm the economy.
  • Look into the ways in which climate change can help the economy (specifically in terms of future opportunities of clean energy)
  • Find scientific information that explains global disproportionality of greenhouse gas emissions (the difference between emissions of developed countries and undeveloped countries)
  • Review credible scientific sources that study the disproportionate effects of climate change on the poor and those that contribute least to global climate change
  • Look into the relationship of social inequality to climate change issues


- Research on the green house gas contributions of developed versus developing countries. United States is top GHG contributor. 50% of the global CO2 emission budget has already been used if we are globally aiming for only a 2 C increase in global temperatures by 2100. Each country should have an average of 0.22 C emissions per billion people in order to achieve the 2 C increase target, but many developed countries, including the United States, are already exceeding this value. In addition, in manufacturing heavy countries such as China, many of the GHG emissions result from products that are shipped for consumption to developed countries.


Article discussing the benefits of switching to renewable energy sources, including reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, improved public health and environmental quality, an inexhaustible energy supply, increase in jobs and other economic benefits, and a more reliable and resilient energy system.

Article on the disproportionate burdens and the multidimensional impacts of climate change on the health of Indigenous Australians.

Article discussing who has moral responsibility for climate change.

Article highlighting ethical questions relating to responsibility and climate change liberals vs. Conservatives (who believes in climate change) How many liberals and conservatives there are in the US Conservative beliefs why climate change ISN'T real Reasons conservatives don't believe in climate change increase in belief on climate change in millennials differences of belief in republicans and democrats skeptical views of climate change summary of global warming, what's causing it, what it's causing How climate change impacts the US How scientists know that their models are working correctly

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