Colleen Meyers' Information Diet

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Colleen Meyers' Information Diet

National and International

  • CNN This site provides me with both national and international news. I do not look at this on a daily basis or even on a regular routine. I usually read it when I need to for an assignment or when someone else mentions something I will look it up on here.

Local News

  • The Weather Channel I use this site usually every morning because it helps me to determine what I am going to wear based on the weather for that day.
  • Seattle Times I used to look at this site quite often when I lived at home. It kept me up to date on local news as well as provided a northwest view to national news.


  • Seattle Times Sports This site allows me to stay updated on sports in Washington such as UW and WSU. It also has high school sports which I used to look at often when I played. It will also be a helpful reference now that my brother is playing high school sports.

Music and Entertainment

  • Pandora This site helps me find new music that is similar to the music I already listen to.
  • Fandango I do not watch movies too often but when I do I usually look up reviews on here first. It provides both views that like the movie and wants that do not so I get a well rounded representation.

Social Networking

  • Facebook Facebook allows me to stay in touch with friends and family and to stay up to date with their lives. The personal information people often display on facebook can be informational as well.