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Cougar Women and Younger Men Dating

The number of cougars dating younger men is increasing nowadays. The actual number of cougars worldwide is large in number and with this is the rising activity of cougar dating.

What is a cougar?

Cougar is a term used for an older woman who wants a younger man. This can make for an enduring relationship or a one-time distraction. The somewhat older women are becoming more and more noticeable in our society. They stay young longer and try more and more exciting things. Some cougar women over 40 have lived an independent life and have been measured. Here's a recommended reading about this.

It is therefore that the more financially and sexually liberated, the more they go for younger boyfriends. In short, they enjoy the level of excitement. The ancient lament that only older men date younger women seems unfounded. Cougars are usually successful career women aged 35 years or older. Their younger friends are often not yet 25.

This phenomenon is also seen with famous people. Think of Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry as just among other couples where older women are involved with a younger man. The question is whether this could lead to a steadfast relationship. Much depends on the motivation for entering into such relationship. Is the age difference the only thing that matters or is this just a number? Mrs. Robinson is a famous movie that is the subject of older women who are treated with much younger men.

Where to Find Your Own Cougar Dating

You will find many different sites on the internet that offer a dating platform for older ladies looking for younger guys. It has been known that older women like a young and good looking man. A test was made where 20 women who participated were all older than 35 and earned at least $ 500,000 per year or had a capacity of at least $ 4 million. Then 20 men were selected from the 5000 enrolment of young men who received them. The speed dating evening was a great success and you will see how many serious relationships have been established in this age relationship.

There is no specific site available that we know of but you can have your fancy found in the more traditional dating sites and others listed on an online dating guide. Until a site for older women who seek younger men comes online with these sites, you can certainly come to an end. Scan along the pages and take a look at the older ladies looking for younger men.

Cougar dating is the name of the social network created especially for women older than 35 and older who want to share their experiences related to various topics such as health, culture, entertainment, business, beauty, solidarity, and so on.

The network seeks main objective discussions that are made in different sections from the talent and the experiences gained during the years of youth and maturity. It appears as a social network for women who are fighters, intelligent, dynamic, smart, experienced, caring, fun, free and hopeful. Check recommended reading about this.

Once you have registered in the cougar dating site, you can fill your data in the profile and then immediately you can begin to interact with other users of the site in the thematic sections that most interests you.