Course Research Questions - MRFW Fall 2022

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Course Research Questions for Moral Responsiblity and Free Will

  • 1. Are our praise and blame behaviors well justified?
  • 2. What is moral responsibility? What other types are there?
  • 3. Does an account of MR require an account of free will?
  • 4. What is free will? How might various accounts of free will commit us to views about MR and vice versa?
  • 5. Are there good grounds for skepticism about moral responsibility or free will?
  • 6. What are the implications of naturalist accounts of Free Will (Dennett) and post-free will intuitions (illusionism/disillutionism)?
  • 7. What is the relationship between an account of moral responsibility and a view about appropriate forms of punishment?
  • 8. Is there "justice without retribution"? What is the future of our retributive intuitions?