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1. Facts that you are surprised by, think important, or are suspicious of.;

2. Questions raised by the movie;

3. Claims or thesis that the movie's documentary evidence seems to support.

Notes for "Cowspiracy"

  • narrative framed by Al Gore climate change effort.
  • Looks at the environmental impact of large-scale farming. Shows viewers a path to sustainable options for a growing population.
  • main thesis is based on FAO report "Livestock's Long Shadow" [[1]]
  • Some criticism of this report. The range for contribution to climate change from agriculture ranges from 18% to 50% The movie pushes the higher, less centrally documented figure. Still, at 30% it would still be twice the contributor as the transit sector.
  • Present many statistics that show our impact on the environment: [2] How accurate are these?
  • Method - Shaming gov't and public environmental organizations in interviews about their ignorance of this connection.
  • Anti-meat message isn't compatible with these organizations' business models - Pollan
  • Over Fishing
  • ocean dead zones from land agriculture. overfishing. Possibly have fishless oceans by 2048. Well documented, though there have been some success stories in managing wild fish populations.
  • Deforestation for Cattle production.
  • nun murder. 1100 activists dead in 20yrs
  • Vegan Argument
  • Narrative turns toward the claim that the only healthy and sustainable diet is a vegan diet.
  • (I think the logic from here is pretty bad. Better ways to articulate veganism, but environment is still a major part of it - Alfino)
  • Argument pattern: If X can't feed the world sustainably, then we shouldn't eat X. Fish, Beef, eggs, dairy.
  • Public Land Management Story
  • subsidizing meat industry and promoting slaughter of wild animals. (rewilding)
  • We're all paying for the burgers.
  • Food disparagement laws.